In practice since 1999, Lucia's diverse clientele has included athletes, musicians, dancers, pregnant and post-partum women, computer nerds, corporate executives, doctors, children, cancer patients and survivors, those on hospice and in transition. She has dealt with issues arising from car accidents, repetitive injuries, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, pelvic pain and imbalance after childbirth, postural assistance during and after breastfeeding, disc damage, and gut inflammation.

Many of Lucia's clients have been seeing her long term; building relationships based on mutual respect, trust, compassion, satisfaction and humor. They often remark on her intuition, sensitivity and loving presence. Through her hands, Lucia listens to the quality of the soft tissue, reading imbalances in the structure that may be both physical and emotional.

Bodywork is a way to connect deeply with ourselves, to integrate the world around and inside us, and sometimes to lower the veil between. By feeling and releasing our pain we become more free to experience life in the present moment, with spaciousness and joy.